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Logan and Berkeley have a thriving dog grooming business which operates 5 hours a day for 4 days a week. They currently have one dog groomer and are considering hiring a second groomer. They believe that after a 12 week period, the second groomer should be able to groom 3 dogs per hour, but only groom 1 dog per hour in the first 12 weeks while they learn the ropes. By adding a second groomer, Logan and Berkeley would need to install an additional sink, costing $20,000, and also incur an additional $27 per hour in labour costs. Apart from labour, their current costs are $15 per dog groom (covering items such as dog shampoo) and $30,000 in fixed costs per year (eg. rent). They currently charge $50 per dog groom. How many weeks would it take for the second groomer to pay off and make a profit?

Choices are:





Could you go over exactly what to add to the costs?


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