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You are having a meeting with a high-net-worth client, who recently inherited a large sum of cash. He used only a part of this inheritance for his consumption and wants to invest the remaining amount in some profitable funds. He is looking for shariah compliant investment opportunities. He would like to have a relatively low risk investment with stable returns. Based upon his risk-return profile, you informed him that the outlook for the real estate sector is very good and you expect the real estate prices to rise in near future. The projection reports forecast that the prices of residential villas are expected to increase by 20% during the next year. Similarly, an increase in rents of approximately 25% is expected. He liked your proposal and discussed it with his friend. His friend informed him that investing in real estate is not a good option because of the cumbersome and long investment procedures. Furthermore, real estate investments are not easy to buy or sell quickly as it takes long time to complete the transaction. Please devise a strategy for your client, such that you can address his friend’s concerns related to real estate investment while still benefiting from the positive outlook of real estate investment. Please provide complete details of your strategy as well as elaborate on the shariah compliance of the proposed strategy


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