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Organizational developers are usually individuals who enjoy team leading and managing. They create teams, build teams, work in teams, and lead teams towards resolutions, occupations, tasks, purposes, and outcomes. They are able to manage staff of all levels, deal with problems, tackle each problem individually, solve problems with a strategic purpose, and develop corporate solutions that would guarantee with and match the corporate comprehensive corporate strategy. Such organization developers make recommendations that enable the organization face urgent critical situations along with all the possible surrounding crisis. Most of the organization developers are considered as most essential to the company. They are perceived as structural organizational developers and as the brain watchers and structural observers. They investigate, evaluate, and analyze all the corporate structures aligned with all necessary responsibilities. They examine who is in charge of certain areas of the business and they check, study, observe, and assess their efficiency to find out how much time they spend on each duty.

Task 1: Read carefully the above strategic paragraph (3-5 times).

Task 2: Analyze all the mentioned facts.

Task 3: Relate the facts with your personal experience.

Task 4: Do you consider yourself as an organization developer? Verify your answer.

Task 5: What are the areas that you personally need to develop, improve, and acquire over the next 3 years in order for you to enhance your managerial, strategic, and structural abilities.


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