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1 What type of financing did innocent secure? Does it matter?

2 Would you have sold the company to Coca-Cola for £200 million? As one of the shareholders you would have pocketed tens of millions of pounds. If not, why not?

3 Innocent benefited from a key advantage: what was this and explain how it helped in the product development process.

4 How is innocent ‘virtual’ and how is this different from traditional food and drink manufacturers? What advantages and disadvantages does this provide?

5 Use CIM to illustrate the innovation process.


1 Explain why the process of new product development frequently is represented as a linear process and why this does not reflect reality.

2 Explain why screening should be viewed as a continual rather than a one-off activity.

3 Discuss how the various groups of NPD models have contributed to our understanding of the subject of NPD.

4 To what extent has BMW repositioned the Mini?

5 Examine the concept of a multi-dimensional product; how is it possible to create a new product by modifying the price dimension?



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