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Copenhagen Covered (B). Heidi Hoi Jensen, a foreign exchange trader at JP Morgan Chase, can invest $4.9 million, or the foreign currency equivalent of the bank’s short term funds, in a covered interest arbitrage with Denmark. She is now evaluating the arbitrage profit potential in the same market after interest rates change. (Note that anytime the difference in interest rates does not exactly equal the forward premium, it must be possible to make CIA profit one way or another) Arbitrage funds available $ 4,900,000 Spot exchange rate (kr/5) 6.1721 3-month forward rate (kr/5) US dollar annual interest rate 3.950 % Danish Krone annual interest rate 4.900 % 6.1985 The CIA profit potential in which tels Heidi that she should borrow Y and invest in the Interest rate currency re-exchange of dollars for krone at the end of the period. (Round to three decimal places and select from the drop-down menus)


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