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A put option in finance allows you to sell a share of stock at a given price in the future. There are different types of put options. A European put option allows you to sell a share of stock at a given price, called the exercise price, at a particular point in time after the purchase of the option. For example, suppose you purchase a six-month European put option for a share of stock with an exercise price of $26. If six months later, the stock price per share is $26 or more, the option has no value. If in six months the stock price is lower than $26 per share, then you can purchase the stock and immediately sell it at the higher exercise price of $26. If the price per share in six months is $22.50, you can purchase a share of the stock for $22.50 and then use the put option to immediately sell the share for $26. Your profit would be the difference, $26 – $22.50 = $3.50 per share, less the cost of the option. If you paid $1.00 per put option, then your profit would be $3.50 – $1.00 = $2.50 per share. The point of purchasing a European option is to limit the risk of a decrease in the per-share price of the stock. Suppose you purchased 200 shares of the stock at $28 per share and 65 six-month European put options with an exercise price of $26. Each put option costs $1.

a) Using data tables, construct a model that shows the value of the portfolio with options and without options for a share price in six months between $20 and $29 per share in increments of $1.00. What is the benefit of the put options on the portfolio value for the different share prices? For subtractive or negative numbers use a minus sign even if there is a + sign before the blank (Example: -300). If you answer is zero, enter “0”.
Share Price Benefit of Options
$20 $
$21 $
$22 $
$23 $
$24 $
$25 $
$26 $
$27 $
$28 $
$29 $
(b) Discuss the value of the portfolio with and without the European put options.
The lower the stock price, the (more, less)beneficial the put options. The options are worth nothing at a stock price of $(____)or (higher, lower) There is a benefit from the put options to the overall portfolio for stock prices of $(____)or (higher, lower) .

EVERYTHING IN BOLDNEEDS TO BE ANSWERED. THANK YOU! *The (___) needs to put a specific amount or number


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