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Your company has been awarded the contract to install fibre optic cable from Huntsville, Ontario to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The fibre optic cable will be installed parallel to Highway 11 which runs North from Huntsville to Cochrane and then West from Cochrane to Thunder Bay. Assume the following conditions:

1. Individual fibre optic cable runs cannot exceed 50 km. At a minimum a “repeater“ must be installed every 50 km to join sections together.
2. On average 10 km of fibre optic cable can be installed every hour.
3. Repeaters take one hour to install.
4. Each work crew consists of four people at an average regular hourly rate of $26.50 per person.
5. Any work day longer than eight hours is paid at 142 times the regular hourly rate for a maximum of four hours.
6. Employees cannot work more than twelve hours a day. Employees cannot work more than sixty hours every seven days.
7. Each day each employee is reimbursed $80 for motel accommodation and $40 for meals. Since employees will be on location during the installation they are reimbursed for motel and meals for seven days every week except the first week and the last week of the contract.
8. Fibre optic cable costs $140 for 300 metres.
9. Fibre optic “repeaters“ cost $150 each. 10. Each connection to the repeater wastes 10cm of fibre optic cable.
11. Start date for the work is 2021 September 1.
12. Your company will receive a bonus of 15% of the contract if the work is finished by 2022 April 30.
Your submission will include the following information.
1. All of the given financial information as listed above.
2. Calculations to show the total amount and total cost of the fibre optic cable.
3. Calculations to show the total number and total cost of fibre optic repeaters.
4. Calculations to show the total number of regular work hours, total number of overtime hours (if any) and total cost of la!
5. Calculations to show the total employee reimbursement for motel and meals.
6. Show the start date and projected end date based on the number of work hours.

7. Develop an equation which will predict the total cost per km for installation of fibre optic cable in Northern Ontario. Your company will use this equation when it bids on other contracts.


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