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python problem:
For this exercise, you have to write a program that returns the result of a fight between two players.
First, player 1 enters a number of points, then a list of heroes. The number of points is equal to the sum of the heroes' life points (HP) with the following rule: A = 1 HP, B = 2 HP, C = 3 HP, ..., M = 13 HP, ..., Z = 26 HP .
Subsequently, player 2 also enters his list of heroes.
Once the data is entered, the fight begins. In the first round, we take the heroes of player 1 and player 2 at index 0. We subtract the VP of hero 2 from hero 1 and we subtract the VP of hero 1 from hero 2. Then we check if one of the heroes is dead (PV <= 0), if this is the case we take the next hero in the hero list of the corresponding player. The fight ends as soon as a player's last hero runs out of VP.
If player 1 has heroes left with VPs and player 2's heroes have no VPs left, player 1 wins the game. If it is the other way around, player 2 wins the game. Otherwise, the message "Drawn match" is displayed.
There are two end-of-turn dynamics:
At the end of the turn, if a hero remains in play (therefore he is not dead) and he has at least 2 VP then he loses 1 VP due to fatigue.
When a hero enters play, he gains 2 VP if his opponent has 2 VP or less. It's kind of a confidence boost.

Here are the design criteria:
- Each hero is represented by a character from the alphabet.
- The hero list must not contain duplicates, and must be converted to upper case.
- The total number of VP of each player is equal to the number of points entered by player 1.
- If one of the two players enters an erroneous data, then the program stops. We do not ask again to enter a data.
- The minimum value of a hero's health is 0. You must check after each fight and before the end of turn dynamics.


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