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Question 1 (a) Explain the different between common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and input offset voltage, Vos. (4 Marks) (b) Given a circuit configuration as in Figure 1, determine the voltage, Vse supply that must be changed if the transistor are biased with la = 20uA. Also, determine the collector current, Ic, and collector-emitter voltage, Vce at the Q-point for the circuit, given that Boc=50 (6 Marks) Rc 10kO R. Vec 1.OMO 20V V 10V Figure 1 (c) A Center-Tapped Rectifier is a type of full-wave rectifier that uses two diodes connected to the secondary of a center-tapped transformer. 0 Sketch the Center-Tapped Full-Wave Rectifier Circuit with the transformer is specified to have 100 V across the primary. Given the transformer turns ratio is 2:1. Assume that Ri=10k12. (2 Marks) (ii) Calculate the total peak secondary voltage. (1 Marks) (ii) Calculate the peak voltage across each half of the secondary winding and sketch the voltage waveforms. (2 Marks) (iv) Calculate the voltage across R and sketch the voltage waveforms. (2 Marks)


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