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Match the following from the list.

A. quantum meruit

B. easement

C. illegal contract

D. gratuitous bailment

E. restrictive covenant

F. bailment

G. joint tenancy

H. privity of contract

I. condition precedent

J. force majeure

K. frustration

L. anticipatory breach

M. promissory estoppel

N. rescission

O. tenancy in common

P. bylaws

Q. condition subsequent

R. undisclosed principal

S. unlimited liability

T. fiduciary duty

1. A principal whose identity is unknown to a third party, who has no knowledge that the agent is acting in an agency capacity.

2. Contract that is contrary to public policy such as a non-competition contract.

3. Rules that govern the day-to-day operations of a company.

4. Personal assets may be seized to pay business debts.

5. The termination of a contract by an unexpected event that makes performance of the contract impossible or illegal.

6. Co-ownership with the right of survivorship.

7. A requirement that directors act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of the corporation.

8. A doctrine whereby someone who relies on a gratuitous promise may be able to enforce it.

A temporary transfer of possession, not ownership, of personal property.

Awarding one party a reasonable sum for the goods or services provided under a contract.


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