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The process for renting a driver’s license at the Archer County Courthouse is as follows. First, the clerk is out the application then the der tokes the driver’s picture ind finally a tastantes the Information into the computer system and processes the new license. It takes an average of mutes to an application two minutes to tie a picture, and ninete to process the new icense. Due to county and state budget cuts, Archer County Courthouse now has only two ders and two types and expects to process drivers/hout what is the current abortion of each labor type? Do not round intermedute calculation Round your answers to the rest whole number Labor utilitation of den Labor utilization of typists When the bottleneck in this the stage process? The ability of the system is limited to Seled How might the job and process debemoroved The best way to hep alleviate the bottleneck is by wing all work practices and today to select service rates

The process for renting a driver's license at the Archer County Courthouse is as follows. First, the...


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