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A resort hotel has a dining room that has no business from street trade; it is dependent solely on the occupancy of its rooms for its sales revenue. It has 150 rooms. During the month of June it expects 80% occupancy of those rooms. Because the resort caters to the family trade, there are, on average, three people per occupied room per night. From experience, management knows that 95% of the people occupying rooms eat breakfast, 25% eat lunch, and 75% eat dinner in the hotel dining room (some of the units have kitchen facilities, which is why some of the resort’s guests do not use the dining room). The dining room opens 7 days a week for all three meals. Its average meal prices and food variable costs are as follows: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Meal Prices $7.50 $12.50 $25.20 Variable Food Costs $3.25 $5.50 $10.20 Other costs: Labour Natural Gas Electricity Insurance Interest Rent Supplies Depreciation Office & Admin Variab Fixed $ 45,000 $8,800 $ 565 $ 35 $ 480S 25 $ 400 $ 650 $ 3,000 $ 50 $ 5,025 $ 15,500 REQUIRED: Prepare a contribution income statement for the restaurant for the month of june


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