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On the website for the Bank for International Settlements, we learn that the mission of the BIS includes 1. To support central banks’ pursuit of monetay and financial stability II. To utilize international cooperation III. To act as a local bank when working with banks in a particular country Points out of 1.0 P Flag question a. I only b. I and II only O c. . ll and Ill only O d. I, II and III Question 45 Not yet answered Acording to the video entitled “The Future of the Gobal Financial System” the following is/are crucial to reduce poverty and drive wealth creation: 1. Provide the underprivileged access to credit and saving II. Increase IMF monetary contributions to underpriledged countries III. Disruptive innovation in financial services Points out of 1.0 Flag question a. I only b. I and II only O c. I and III only d. I, II and III Question 46 Not yet answered According to the video entitled “The Bretton Woods Monetary System”, the Bretton Woods conference was convened because there was concern that 1. There was an excess supply of gold II. The gold standard was too rigid III. Countries would devalue their currency to increase exports Points out of 10 Flag question

a. I only
b. I and II only
c. II and III only
d. lll and III


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