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ICN Bank has been operating in the Irish banking system since 2005. They have increased their market share significantly with over 35% of Irish residents banking with them. The main services offered were day to day banking needs, they have many branches throughout the country for customers to lodge and withdraw money and they have many atm machines around the country also. In 2012 they introduced banking on line access to their customers. The team who developed this platform were very important in developing the technology however since 2012 many have left to do better job offers and only a few remain. Over the last two years they are starting to loose major market share and they cannot understand why. ION carried out market research and identified that revolut has become extremely popular, people are now able to transfer money using their phone numbers, they offer virtual cards and different vaults to allocate your money all on your mobile phone device. ICN are concerned if they lose more market share they will not be able to survive.
Requirement 1. Based on the above scenario case study discuss in detail two reasons that might lead to the corporate failure of ION bank

2. What model from our lecturers can be used to identify ion corporate collapse is likely?


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