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1. You receive this email from a coworker. “Considered moving it up until 11:30 a.m. to
avoid problems. What do you think?” You have no idea to what the coworker is referring.
What is “it”? What hint for overcoming barriers to effective written communication could
you suggest to this coworker?
A. Using correct grammar will help to make your meaning clearer.
B. Be careful for spelling errors in all business emails.
C. Think about the nonverbal message sent through the choice of words in an email.
D. Proofread each email before sending it out to ensure the target meaning is clear.
E. Go speak to a coworker if he/she is in the same building in order to avoid

2. Which of these words is most abstract?
A. Linen black slacks
B. Business casual clothing
C. Apparel
D. Pants
E. Jeans

3. “By treating others with kindness and compassion, I can create a positive working
environment” is an example of what area of the self-concept?
A. Attitude
B. Belief
C. Value
D. Behavior
E. Norm

4. A set of expectations a speaker needs to consider, imposed by the audience, that can
include the reason for a speech, the goal of a speech, content is a speech, or the amount of
time to speak are called__________.
A. Preunderstanding
B. Selective attention
C. Selective exposure
D. Stage
E. Convention

5.Jason was told at a young age that he was not good at math. Jason continued to struggle
in his math classes because he believed he could not do it. When talking with others
about math class, Jason told his friends that he was “not good at math.” How could you
respond to remind Jason about how his labels are impacting his self-concept through the
selffulfilling prophecy?
A. Not everyone is good at math, and that’s okay.
B. You won’t use math after school anyway, so don’t worry.
C. You may think you are not good at math, but with the right help, you can change
the way you feel about your math skills.
D. You’re right, you don’t have strong math skills.
E. Although you may be struggling in math, you have strengths in other areas that
are more important than math.


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