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Description Research a hotel brand that you are interested in and specifically explore the Guest Service model and forms of technology that are used. The brand may or may not be the same brand that you presented to the class during the first half of the term. As technology continues to evolve, new ways of using technology are developed to promote interest and improve efficiencies in the hotel industry. Understanding how and where to apply existing trends and search for and identify potential future trends will be an invaluable experience for your careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. You are encouraged to read the technology /travel/tourism / accommodations trends sections of the press regularly to develop an understanding of the concepts and choose something of interest and relevance (on-line, newspaper or magazine articles, industry publications, articles in professional and academic journals). The library at NC has many publications. Instructions Research and identify two current technology trends specific to the chosen hotel brand and provide a full explanation of how each is being utilized to create or maintain guest service and to exceed guest expectations. Then identify one other technology trend that is not being utilized currently but would be beneficial for the hotel brand to adapt. (3 trends in total). Write a 750-word report (approx.. 3 pages) outlining the 3 current technological trends for your specific brand.

Description Research a hotel brand that you are interested in and specifically explore the Guest...


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