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Your Task. You don’t need to register with Twitter to search for and view tweets in your Internet browser, but you should open a Twitter account to enjoy the full benefits of the free service. Signing up is quick and intuitive. You will be able to follow not only friends and family, but also news, business updates, film reviews, and sports, or receive and share other up-to-the-minute messages.

Start by viewing trending topics. Some may be business related. A few may be international in scope. Use the search box to type any current international or business event to see what “twitterers” are saying about it. For instance, check out the tweets of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour or those of another wellknown journalist; for example, Nick Gillespie or George Will. In the classroom, discuss the usefulness of Twitter as you see it. Your instructor may ask you to prepare an e-mail or memo identifying and summarizing three trending business topics. In your opinion, how accurately do the tweets convey the trend? Can trends be summarized in 140 characters? You will learn more about Twitter and other highly mobile new media in Chapter 7



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