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6.6 Condensing for Microblogging (Obj. 1)

Your Task. Read the following real Twitter messages and write a 140-character micro blog reply to each. Be selective in what you include. Your instructor may show you the actual responses (in the Instructor’s Manual) that the company wrote.

a. @HTWilson94 asks whether grocer Whole Foods stocks Whole Trade certified flowers all year long.22 Prepare a response (140 or fewer characters) based on the following information. Yes, at Whole Foods stores we do indeed offer Whole Trade certified flowers the entire year. We strongly advocate and support the Whole Trade movement, which strives to promote quality, premium price to the producer, better wages and working conditions, and the environment. However, we can’t tell you exactly which Whole Trade certified flowers will be available at our stores and when. You would have to check with your local store for its specific selection.



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