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Weaknesses: Have never hosted a tournament of this magnitude AB does not have a staff member dedicated to communications AB is responsible for all financial commitments (financial risk) Opportunities: Can up-sell current sponsors on event (generate more revenue) Creates a new revenue stream for AB Video streaming or television coverage of event Through online surveys of AB’s membership, it was determined that 83% (8,300) members would support the creation of a national championship event Threats: Conflicting needs for gym space For-profit sport and recreation companies Member clubs hosting tournaments through their provincial association Vision To be the premier basketball event in the country of Ardistan Mission To grow, sustain, celebrate and promote the sport of basketball in Ardistan Values Keep it fun Fair play Respect Cooperation and collaboration Teamwork Objectives Develop a sustainable source of revenue for AB Grow the number of citizens participating in basketball Celebrate the accomplishments of our nation’s athletes Key strategies Identify a unique host city with the capacity to host a tournament of this magnitude Create and develop an awards banquet as a part of the overall event Secure major sponsorship Form an organising committee responsible for the execution of the event and planning process Further develop officiating and volunteer training programme across Ardistan Major goals Achieve a minimum profit of $5,000 in year one, increasing profitability by 20% annually Secure a minimum of $35,000 in sponsorship Grow AB’s membership by 15% over three years Secure a broadcast/media partner(s) Develop policy and procedural handbook for volunteers, officials, coaches and athletes Develop training manual for AB volunteers Strategic action programme CEO: Prepare sponsorship package and asset inventory CEO: Work with political agencies to apply for grants/additional funding CEO: Seek assistance from current media partner to identify broadcast options Director, operations: Develop operational plan Director, operations: Create bid document to be distributed to member clubs Coordinator, development: Create training manuals and handbooks based on AB’s established guidelines


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