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Using the equations for dark currents in an ideal Schottky barrier diode and a p-n junction diode given in the text calculate the dark current for an Al-n-Si Schottky barrier solar cell and a Si p-n junction solar cell. Given: φBn = 0.71 V, ND = 1016 cm−3, NA = 5 × 1018 cm−3, Ln = 100 µm, Lp = 20 µm, i = 1.4 × 1010 cm−3, Aj = 4 cm2, µn = 1000 cm2(V·s), and µp = 100 cm2/(V·s). If the photocurrents generated in both cells are assumed the same (Iph = 140 mA), what are the open-circuit voltages for both cells?


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