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Vaseline Healing Project Case Study

 What is the objective of the Vaseline Healing Project advertising campaign? Do you believe the objective(s) are met through the advertising campaign? Explain.



What message evaluation techniques could be used in evaluating Vaseline Healing Project advertising campaign? Be specific.



Describe how advertising tracking research could be used to evaluate the Vaseline Healing Project commercials.



Measuring an advertisement’s emotional impact can be challenging. The simplest method involves asking about an individual’s feelings and emotions after viewing a marketing communications piece. Let’s test it out! How did you feel after reading about the Healing Project and viewing the commercial? Did you have a sympathetic emotional response and the desire to help? Identify another advertising campaign that tapped into your emotions (something you have viewed in the past). What was your reaction (Were you inspired to take any actions)? Explain.



In Ch. 14, you can read how companies like Dannon yogurt (p. 418) got into trouble promoting the health benefits of yogurt by overstating its advantages over the competition. What role should advertising and marketing communications play in explaining the health benefits of basic products such as Vaseline?




Write a brief conclusion here…



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