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Jillian, Dontae, and Toni were sitting in front of a computer, listening to music they had downloaded and looking at a Web site that identified the top e-tailers for the year. Jillian: I really like the idea of shopping on the Web. It seems like you get many more choices, probably lower prices, and it’s so convenient. Dontae: I’m not sure I’m convinced yet. Look at the names of some of the businesses on the list. I’ve never heard of many of them. Do you believe they’re all legitimate? Toni: I don’t need to worry about stores to shop online for music. I found some sites that offer lots of music for free. Jillian: Well, some of our favorite stores are on the list. Maybe we should start with buying from them. I’m not sure downloading from those sites is legal. Dontae: But why not just go to the mall and buy from the stores? I’d get the products faster and not have to pay shipping charges. Besides, I don’t want to enter my credit card number online, even if it says it’s safe. Jillian: But you hand your credit card to a person in every store when you make a purchase. They process it through a telephone line to get the amount approved. Isn’t that the same thing? Toni: If we use the free sites, they don’t ask for credit cards.

THINK CRITICALLY 1. Many people do not trust businesses that sell products online, especially if they are not familiar with the company’s name. Yet they will walk into a new business in their city and shop with little concern. What causes the difference in people’s views of online businesses versus traditional businesses? 2. Do you agree with Dontae that it is easier to shop in an actual store in a mall than from the same business online? Why or why not? 3. What is your opinion of Jillian’s comparison between entering a credit card number online and handing the card to a clerk who checks it using a telephone line from the store to the credit card company? 4. What do you think of Toni’s idea of downloading music for free? Do you think this is legal? How can Toni be sure that she is engaging in legal and ethical behavior when she uses the freemusic site?


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