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QUIF portfolio has $200,000 for investing in the year FY 2021-2022. After a detailed market analysis, the investor managers decided to go with the following funds for FY2021-2022.


Project Annual Rate of Return

Technology Funds


Healthcare Funds


Automobile Funds


Government Bonds


Index Fund


Technology Funds and Healthcare Funds have high risks, so the investment in these funds can not exceed 60% of the total fund.

Government bonds should have at least 10% of total investment.

Because of government incentives, investment in automobile funds should be at least 25% of technology and index funds together.

  1. To maximize the total rate of return, how will the funds be allocated for FY2021-2022? Use linear programming model by creating an Excel Spreadsheet and use Excel Solver to find the answer.
  2. Run the sensitivity analysis and interpret the dual value for the total fund available to invest in the portfolio for FY2021-202
  3. Bonus Question: Interpret the reduced cost value for healthcare funds.


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