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Assignment 3 on contracts

1. In a situation where a contract is expressly repudiated, what are the dangers associated with waiting for the time for performance to determine if breach will actually occur?

2. Describe the concept of damages as it applies to common law contracts.
3. D agreed to make certain alterations to an expensive dress that E had purchased. A violent storm caused the roof of D’s shop to leak, and the dress was stained by the rain entering the building D offered to have the dress professionally cleaned to remove the water stains, but E refused and attempted to remove the stains herself. Her attempt was unsuccessful, and the dress was ruined. Advise D and E.
4. James is contracted to build a cedar deck and fencing around Albert’s newly installed pool. James completes the carpentry but fails to finish applying a coat of weather protecting varnish as per the agreement. How would a dispute of payment owing to James be resolved by the court?


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