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Zinn Corp. has 3.50 million shares of common stock outstanding. The firm is in steady-state growth, and analysts expect the firm’s earnings and dividends to continue to grow at their historical rate for the foreseeable future—per share dividends on common have grown from $2.00 six years ago to $2.90 today. Each share of Zinn’s common stock is selling for $38.50 today. The firm’s beta is estimated to be 1.85. The long-term Treasury rate is 3.75%, and the expected market risk premium is 6.5%. Analysts estimate that potential equity investors will require a premium of 5.5% over the firm’s bond yield.

The firm’s long-term debt consists of 6.25% coupon bonds, which were issued 8 years ago with an original maturity of 20 years. These bonds pay interest annually. Today, these bonds have a yield of 9.75%. The book value of these bonds is $350 million. Zinn Corp. also has 480,000 shares of perpetual preferred stock outstanding, and these pay a fixed dividend of $7 per year on a face value of $50. Each share of the firm’s preferred currently sells for $79. The firm’s marginal tax rate is 30%. Estimate the firm’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

Make sure to show all work clearly. As you set up your table in Excel, please use the order of columns and rows as shown below


# Securities


Mkt Value


Pre-Tax Cost

Post-Tax Cost

Wtd Post-Tax





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