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The growth of the blogosphere has not gone unnoticed by the business ethics community. There are now a considerable number of blogs concerned with applying ethical theories and principles to the latest business issues and scandals, both in English as well as increasingly in other languages too, such as French, German, Spanish, or Portuguese. The value of following these blogs for business ethics students is manifold. Many business ethics blogs comment on current events using the types of theories and concepts discussed in this chapter. They also feature interesting links, provide opinion, and offer food for thought—all of which helps to highlight the contemporary relevance of the topic. Blogs can be very helpful for applying what you read in your business ethics textbook, or what you learn in your ethics class, to what is happening right now in the business world. Not all business ethics blogs showcase the theoretical thinking discussed in this chapter, but those written by academics tend to offer the most thorough ethical analysis— and are often the most relevant for applying the lessons learnt in the classroom. The specific value of those blogs is that they refer to daily events. Be it the Bangladesh factory collapse in 2013, the controversies around the rights of gay and lesbian athletes at the Winter Olympic Games in Russia in 2014, or the use of slave labour in the build up to the 2022 Qatar World Cup—many of the blogs provide a great opportunity to get an insightful analysis from an ethical perspective that typically does not get too much airtime in the mainstream media. Most bloggers, however, are not academics—and yet in their assessment of business ethics issues, many of the ideas discussed in the classroom tend to get aired. Popular bloggers outside academia are mostly professional commentators or journalists. Such blogs may be light on ethical theory, but they have plenty of practical insight and advice, and help to give a more rounded picture of the business ethics issues currently hitting the headlines.


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