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Ace Deuce owns a new business known as Ace Deuce Hardware. To announce the grandopening of his business, Deuce placed anadvertisement in the local newspaper. The ad quoted prices on various items, including a Massacre brand chainsaw. The grand opening wasmuch more successful than Deuce had imagined it would be. He was unable to satisfy all consumers demand for certain items.After Deuce had sold all of the Massacre chainsaws he had in stock, customer Howard Surly demanded that he be sold a Massacre chainsaw at the advertised price, when Deuce did not comply, Surly sued him (in small claims court) for breach of contract.

Based on the information in the scenario, how should the court rule?

a.That no contract was formed, because Deuce did not make an offer to Surlyb.That Deuce is liable for breach of contract formed when Surly demanded a chainsaw at the advertised pricec.That Deuce having run out of Massacre chainsaws amounted to a revocation of his offerd.That Deuce advertisement was an offer, but only if Surly actually read the advertisement before coming to the store.


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