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YOU MAKE THE CALL! You are Karissa Dawson, general manager of the washcloths and towels, food items including vacuum Marion Hotel in rural North Carolina. For years families packed steaks; assorted toiletries and cleaning supplies, have loved to come and spend time in the hotel. The Marion and other items that appeared to be property of the Hotel was a three-diamond property and the 218-room Marion Hotel. Hartman was told that the nonperishable facility was the place to stay in western North Carolina. The property had been moved to a storage facility and Reim- hotel had a full-service restaurant that was a training center bold asked Hartman to come to the facility so he could for the local college students. Employees were expected to verify that the items belonged to the Marion Hotel exceed guests’ expectations and use their skills to carefully Hartman and Andrew Logan traveled to the storage exceed the opportunities and challenges that would occur facility to examine the property. Hartman had Logan take on a daily basis. pictures of the items. Hartman wrote a report summa- rizing his findings: “After looking through the items we Four and half years ago, you hired Michael May as your found six boxes of hotel logo bathroom amenities and purchasing manager.

YOU MAKE THE CALL! You are Karissa Dawson, general manager of the washcloths and towels, food items...


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