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Discussion Case

Jimmy, an accountant, and Bethany just returned from their honeymoon in the Bahamas. They celebrated their marriage and the completion of Bethany's M.B.A. program. They have been encouraged by their parents to establish some personal and financial goals for their future. However, they do not know how to set or achieve these goals. They know that they would like to own their own home and have children, but those are the only goals they have considered. Jimmy knows of a financial advisor who might be able to help with their predicament, but they don't think they can afford professional help.


1. Ifyou were serving as the couple's financial advisor, how would you explain the five steps in the financial planning process and their importance to future financial success?

2. What financial goals (short term, intermediate, and long term) would you determine to be the most important or least important to Jimmy and Bethany considering their current life cycle stage? Support your answer. (Hint: See Worksheet 1 or Worksheet 2.)

3. What four common concerns should guide the development of their financial plan? How do these relate to Principles 4, 5, and 7?

4. List five tips for Bethany to keep in mind when preparing for interviews. (Hint: Review Worksheet 3.)

5. Identify three important strategies for young professionals such as Jimmy and Bethany to remember to ensure success in their chosen careers. Why do •ethical violations end careers”?

6. Why is Principle 10 the most important principle? Why is it equally relevant to financial and career planning?


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