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What is the marketing strategy for VW to be successful in China?
What is the marketing strategy for VW to be successful in China? Volkswagen builds on strengths in...-1What is the marketing strategy for VW to be successful in China? Volkswagen builds on strengths in...-2Volkswagen builds on strengths in global markets V: otwagen VW once toyed with the idea of production in tower-cont locations from where it building a ‘global car’, one model suited for all exports to other markets. markets, whether Europe, the US, China or India. Mexico is home to the largest w plant outside Those days are now gone, and the company’s strategy Germany, it has been manufacturing cars in Puebla. is to build cars tailored to consumer needs in each Mexico since 1965, but the focus of these operations market, using its strengths as a global company to be has changed over the years. Initially, it produced small competitive in each. Its engineering strengths are cars mainly for the Mexican market but it gradually formidable, centred in its home market in Germany. It shifted to production for export: 80% of its output is is headquartered in Wolfsburg in the State of Lower now exported. Following the Nafta agreement of 1995. Saxony, where it operates six factories. As Lower ww was able to export its Mexican-made cars freely Saxony is also one of its main shareholders. VW’s into the US. Puebla now manufactures a range of strategy is partly influenced by domestic political models, including the New Beetle and Jetta models. concerns. It operates 15 factories altogether in for export globally Europe remains VW’s biggest Germany, employing 195.000 people, 47% of its global market and it has trailed behind other foreign workforce. Its factories have built up specialist manufacturers in the US (see figure). Japanese expertise in component manufacturing for the whole carmakers, as well as German luxury rivals, such as network they include specialist makers of engines,


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