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A firm is must choose to buy the GSU-3300 or the UGA-3000. Both machines make the firm’s production process more efficient which in turn increases incremental cash flows. The GSU-3300 produces incremental cash flows of $25,548.00 per year for 8 years and costs $102,510.00. The UGA-3000 produces incremental cash flows of $29,137.00 per year for 9 years and cost $123,000.00. The firm’s WACC is 8.52%. What is the equivalent annual annuity of the GSU-3300? Assume that there are no taxes.

Submit- Answer format:Currency: Round to: 2 decimal places.

Please show every step and in a simple format, I am a beginner. If you can also show how to solve on the financial calculator, I would appreciate it.


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