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1. a. What is the goal of cash management?

b. Briefly describe float and the following associated cash management techniques:

• Receipt acceleration

• Disbursement control

2. a. Give two reasons why businesses hold marketable securities.

b. Which types of securities are most suitable for holding as marketable securities?

c. Suppose Southwest Regional Medical Center has just raised $6 million in new capital that it plans to use to build three freestanding clinics, one each year over the next three years. (For the sake of simplicity, assume that equal payments have to be made at the end of each of the next three years.) What securities should be bought for the firm’s marketable securities portfolio, assuming that the firm has no other excess cash? (Hint: Consider both the type and maturity of the securities.)

d. Now, consider the situation faced by the Huntsville Physical Therapy Group. It has accumulated $20,000 in cash above its target cash balance, and it has no immediate needs for this excess cash. However, the firm may at any time need some part or all of the $20,000 to meet unforeseen cash needs. What securities should be bought for the firm’s marketable securities portfolio?


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