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The efficiency of a productive unit is 60 percent. The unit produces an average of 20 forklift trucks per day. Determine the effective capacity of the unit. Given the following data for a make-or buy decision: What would be your cost savings for the preferred alternative, for 32,000 units per year, compared to the other alternative? You are considering changing your cell phone plan and are evaluating services from three carriers, all which involve a monthly service charge of $25. Plan A cost of $.75 minute for daytime calls and $.25 a minute for evening calls. Plan B has a charge of $.55 a minute for daytime calls and $.15 a minute for evening calls. Plan C has a fat rate of $70 with 150 minutes of calls allowed per month and a charge of $.35 per minute beyond that, day or evening. a. Determine the total charge under each plan. In this case you use an average of 125 minutes of day calls and 75 of evening calls in a month. b. What would be your best choice for a calling plan?


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