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Do you think that personnel working in a project organizational structure should undergo“therapy” sessions or seminars on a regular basis so as to better understand their working environment? If yes, how frequently? Does the frequency depend upon the project organizationalform selected, or should they all be treated equally?

3–4) Which organizational form would be best for the following corporate strategies?

a.Developing, manufacturing, and marketing many diverse but interrelated technological products and materials

b.Having market interests that span virtually every major industry

c.Becoming multinational with a rapidly expanding global business

d.Working in a business environment of rapid and drastic change, together with strong competition

3–7) In general, what are the overall advantages and disadvantages of superimposing one organizational form over another?

3–15) Assume that you have to select a project organizational form for a small company. For each form described in this chapter, discuss the applicability and state the advantages and disadvantages as they apply to this small company. (You may find it necessary to first deter-mine the business base of the small company.)

3–18) One of the most common reasons for not wanting to adopt a matrix is the excessive administrative costs and accompanying overhead rates. Would you expect the overhead rates todecrease as the matrix matures? (Disregard other factors that can influence the overhead rates,such as business base, growth rate, etc.)


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