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Your family is running a forestry company in the western part of the country. The parents are thinking of offering a stake to your siblings and you in the company. To find the value of the firm the first step is to prepare a going concern evaluation. The sales for the first year are 320 MHUF which can grow by yearly 50 MHUF every year. The operational costs are 60% of the sales revenue. The company has a large volume of fixed assets (900 MHUF at boy with a linear depreciation of 180 per year. The family plans an Investment at the end of the second year for 400 MHUF. The investment will be linearly deprecated in Syears. You who need a short term working Capital (NWC which is 10% of your yearly sales. You need the working capital already at the beginning of the year. The NWC for the first year was purchased yesterday) The corporate tax rate equals 10%. The firm is financed by equity. At the end of the fifth year, the company is expected to be sold for 1000 MHUF but the NWC will already be prepared for the next year so that the buyer of the company can start operating right away). The operational cost of capital (A) is 20% for small caps on the market. Evaluate the company. Use a formatting like 1111.11 For CAPEX and depreciation report your answers as positive numbers, others should have the right sign years 2 3 DEA After tax profit Operating CF D . 0 0 CAPEX After Lax CF NPV


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