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Scenario/Theme 2

CEO: Hi, where are you? Immense workload needs prompt decisions to recruit one potential talent for Marketing Executive position.

Tim (HR Head) calls, “I have personal emergency. I cannot make it to the office”.

Is it Good or bad news? How would you handle it?

Identify the choices(highlight/Tick)

Good News

Bad News

How would you handle it?(highlight/Tick)

Threaten him that you will fire him, if he doesn’t show up in 20 minutes.

Take deep breath and focus on solution to fill the gap created by HR head’s absence.

Knock on the door!!!

Kevin (Marketing Head): I found boss Tim is unavailable. What should be do?

Identify the choices(highlight/Tick)

Ask him to gather HR Team (HR generalist, HR Officer) and Marketing head to prepare and advertise job description.

Ask him totalk to recruitment agency and send some candidates for the interview.

HR team (HR generalist and HR Officer)should be part of theinterviews.The interview process is also chaired by Marketing Head.

Administrative Assistant rings CEO and say, “Boss, my son won semifinals of Chess competition, I have to leave early to be there for his finals, can I leave early today. I assure I will work extra hours tomorrow”.

Identify the choices(highlight/Tick)

Good News

Bad News

How would you handle it?(highlight/Tick)

Tell her to be mature and focus on business need rather than silly Chess competition. Go back to desk and call candidates for interviews.

Congratulate her with smile and approve leave. But before she goes, tell her to call job interview candidates.

Two candidates have arrived.

Show role play interviews with both candidates asking 5-7 questions.Both are equally competent on paper. Tell us if you observe something in particular during the interview process.

After interview – Role playof HR team and Marketing headwith feedback from theCEO as which one you do select.

How would you break the good news and the bad news to each candidate?

Identify the choices(highlight/Tick)


Why/Why not?

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Break the News:



What would you say



The selected candidate informs you that he/she is not able to join. Got a better offer.

What will you do?

Identify the choices(highlight/Tick)

Would you give counteroffer?

Would you run the entire hiring process again, which is too expensive and time consuming?

would you call the second candidate


Your counteroffer declined; would you call second candidate? Show how will you convince him.

Run the hiring process and put the blame on interview team. Ask them to bear the expense.

Call second candidate and offer job? How will you convince him?


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