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You want to know when your current portfolio will be sufficient for you to retire. You have the following balances in your?portfolio: Government bond mutual fund? (GB): $155,000 Large capital mutual fund? (LC): $103,000 Small capital mutual fund?(SC): $76,000 Real estate trust fund? (RE): $83,000 Your goal is to have? $2,400,000 to retire. The government bond mutual fund grows at? 6.0% annually; the large capital mutual fund grows at? 10.0% annually; the small capital mutual fund grows at? 13.5% annually; and the real estate trust fund grows at? 5.0% annually. Assuming that there will be no additional investments into any of these?accounts, how long will it be until they reach the? $2,400,000 goal?? (Use excel? solver) ?Answer: nothing years? (round to nearest? tenths)


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