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In an effort to target the youngest of consumers, some firms have begun to advertise tiny mobile phones sized to fit the hands of children. The MO1, developed by toy firm Imaginarium and the Spanish communications firm Telefonica, is designed specifically for the younger set—it’s a real cell phone, not a toy. In Europe, where the phone is marketed, some parents and consumer groups are objecting to the marketing of the product, noting that longterm health effects of cell phone use are unknown, and young children are quickly impressed by advertising. “The mobile telephone industry is acting like the tobacco industry by designing products that addict the very young,” argues one environmental advocacy group for children.

1. Do you believe that Imaginarium and Telefonica are acting in an ethical manner? Why or why not? Be sure to use concepts from this chapter to build your argument.

2. What steps might Imaginarium and Telefonica take to develop good public relations and generate positive publicity surrounding their product?


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