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Sally Smith owns a multi-family residential apartment building in Jersey City, NJ. On June 1, 2016 she placed an $8,000,000 loan on the property. The terms of the loan were as follows:

Term: 10 Years

Interest Rate: 5-3/8%

Amortization: 30 Years

There is no pre-payment penalty on the loan.

She would like to refinance the outstanding loan balance on May 1, 2021. She was offered the following loan terms from two banks (the maturity of each loan below is April 30, 2031):

Bank A: They will refinance the balance of the existing loan at an interest rate of 3-1/4% interest based on a 25 year amortization schedule.

Bank B: They will refinance the balance of the existing loan at an interest rate of 3-3/4% based on a 30 year amortization schedule.

Answer the following questions based upon the information above. Show all work.

  1. What is the outstanding loan balance (of the existing loan) on May 1, 2021?
  1. Which bank with have a lower ADS?
  1. What will the monthly payments be for Bank A?
  1. What is the loan constant for the original loan?

5. Assume Ms. Smith chose Bank A to refinance with, what would be the outstanding balance at maturity?


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