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You will need to obtain a copy of the latest annual report and accounts of Nestle Global (Annual Report 31 December 2019) which you should be able to download from the company’s website ( You will use Nestle Global financial information to complete Assessment B.

Schedule of Work

  1. Introduce the Company (Nestle Global) to the reader. It is expected that this will include some company history, the principal activity of the company, products, markets and key financial results (10%, approx. 250 words)

  1. Using the annual report and accounts of Nestle Global, you should include the following analysis in your assignment

Current Year

Previous Year

% Movement




1.23 %

Profit for the year




Current liabilities




Net Cash (used in)/generated from financing activities




Number of employees





  1. Calculate, for BOTH the current and the previous year, FIVE relevant financial ratios that help to highlight Company X’s performance for the trading period.


  1. Your good friend Basil bought 8,000 shares in Nestle Global at the start of this trading period and would appreciate your guidance as to whether or not it has been a good investment. Please write a report to Basil analyzing the performance of Nestle Global over the trading period. You will be expected to make use of a number of relevant percentage movements and ratios calculated, NOT just the ones calculated in parts 2 and 3 above.

(50%, approx. 1,200 words)

  1. You should conclude the report with your recommendation (based on financial and non-financial information) on whether or not you would advise Basil to retain or sell his investment in Company X.

(10%, approx. 250 words)

6. The report should be neatly typed (Arial font size 12) and presented. Referencing and bibliographies should use the Name and Date system



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