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Samuel Smith’s company wants to establish an assembly line to manufacture its new product, the iStar phone. Samuel’s goal is to produce 60 iStars per hour. Tasks, task times, and immediate predecessors are as follows:

Task Time (sec) Immediate Predecessors Task Time (sec) Immediate Predecessors
A 40 — F 25 C
B 30 A G 15 C
C 50 A H 20 D, E
D 40 B I 18 F, G
E 6 B J 30 H, I

a. What is the cycle time? [ Select ] [“.006”, “60”, “65”, “45”] seconds

b. What is the theoretical minimum for the number of workstations that Samuel can achieve in this assembly line? [ Select ] [“4”, “5”, “6”, “3.5”]

c. What is the actual number of stations? [ Select ] [“5”, “6”, “4.5”, “7”]

d. What is the improved cycle time? [ Select ] [“45”, “55”, “60”, “60.5”]

e. What is the idle time based on the improvement in d.? [ Select ] [“45”, “56”, “50”, “53”] seconds

f. What is the overall efficiency? [ Select ] [“55”, “.75”, “83”, “75”] %


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