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8.26 Adjustment: Responding to Valentine’s Day Bouquet Crisis (Obj. 4)

Like your major competitor Fleurop Interflora, your employer, Swiss-based Bouquet International, offers same-day florist delivery of fresh flowers, plants, and gifts all over the world, aided by a global network of 20,000 associated florists. You like the company’s cheerful motto: “Express yourself with a bouquet!”

You receive an e-mail from a frustrated Randy Pettit (See Activity 8.21), who requests a refund of $73.25 for a Valentine’s Day bouquet that was delivered with a broken vase and subsequently refused only to be delivered again and sent back as before. You contact your shipping department about order number 106928959 to find out if more instances of broken vases have been reported or if this was an unfortunate but isolated incident. So far you haven’t heard from your shipping department or from your contact at FedEx.

As an intern without your own e-mail account, you often write for your supervisor, Oksana Georgyevna Gotova, using her e-mail address, You were tasked with delivering the good news to Randy Pettit at rpettit@ that he will receive a credit of $73.25 and that his flower order was canceled. Tell him to check his next credit card statement for the refund. You know that all employees must always include the case ID number in every e-mail and encourage customers to do the same when contacting your company. Randy is a frequent customer.



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