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The Keystone Pipeline System is an oil pipeline system that runs from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada down through the United States to the Gulf Coast. It was commissioned in 2010 and consists of four phases. Phase I (2010), Phase II (2011), and Phase III (2014) are all complete and in operation. Phase IV, known as the Keystone XL Pipeline, was awaiting approval when the US Senate passed a bill in early February 2015 approving construction. Then, later in February 2015, President Obama vetoed the bill. Upon taking office, Trump signed Executive Order 13766 on January 24, 2017 that re-established the construction of Phase IV. Since then, many aspects related to its construction have been argued in US courts. Most recently, on January 20, 2021, President Biden revoked the permits granted to begin the completion of Phase IV and plans for the Keystone XL Pipeline were abandoned in June 2021.

Discuss the impacts, positive and negative, and the issues related to the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline (Phase IV) from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska. Who are the players? What are the economic considerations? Environmental considerations? Regulatory considerations? Supply & Demand impacts? Etc.


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