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Mark makes 5 annual deposits of x each into a fund earning 5% effective these deposits accumulate to an amount that is just sufficient to allow himto withdraw $5000 annually for 10 years with the first withdrawal on the date of the last deposit. Calculate X. 2- Hend’s Mother wants to have a retirement strategy that provides her with 5000 at the beginning of each month when she turns 60. Starting from now she will make monthly contributions of Y with rate of interest 8% compounded monthly for 30 years. The retirement strategy declared that each 1000 in her account will provide her with $12 at the beginning of eachmonth stating from the retirement age (60) till the end of her life. Calculate X if you know that her age now is 30. 3- Noor pays an insurance company $400 at the end of every 6-months for the first 10 years and 200 every 6-months during the second 10 years after the last payment of $400, while Samar pays $ X every 6-months for 10 years if Sally and Samar have the same present value and same nominal rate of interest of 6%, find the amount of money that Samar pays 4- Ali and Ahmed have their own business and they shared the profits gained equally. Jack bought a 10-year annuity due with annual payments of 3000 each. Mario invest his share at an AER of 12%. Two years later, he bought a 15 year annuity immediate with annual payment of X. The present value of both annuities was determined using an AER of 9%. Calculate X


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