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A John AB John Alor Selling Price S250 S950 S188.000 $ 17.350 53000 SO 5158.000 5458.000 $x Lom Term Interest Rate Down Payment 30 15 15 30 30 20 15 20 10 Instructions Use the table at the bottom left of the correct interest rates in column “E.It should be one formula that you can drag down and all the other celle with correct Then fill out column (Selling Price interest Rate) Calculate the amount to be financed Setting price – down payment in column G Fill out the commission to be paid out to each agent. It should be calculated as follows. They get paid only on the amount to be financed They actually get paid 2. that amounts over or equal to 1.200,000 1.5% if it is lower than $200,000 Calculate the correct commissions for each seller in cells 22 23 Count how many sells each agent made in cm3 6 points ?? Required Interest Rate Down Part 19 SOON 20 20 ? M


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