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Deepak is a new financial advisor chosen by Mr. Adesh who is a sales manager in a leading private sector bank in India. Adesh is not happy with the falling interest rates and keeps most his savings in stocks. Deepak enquires from Adesh about the composition of the equity portfolio and finds out that 90% of the corpus is invested in the stock of Adesh’s employer. Adesh feels that he has a role in personally contributing to the performance of his banks stock market price. This belief had made Nikki to keep a large proportion of her total portfolio in his bank’s stock. However, Deepak advises Adesh about the high level of risk in such investment strategy. But Adesh is adamant and pays no heed to the advice.

A. What kind of biases are being exhibited by Adesh? Justify your answer.

B. If you were in position of Deepak, how will you try and convince the client to modify the portfolio? What will be your recommendations about the changes which should be done?


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