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8.15 Direct Response Memo: Interviewing at Becker & Associate Architects (Obj. 2)

James F. Becker, founder and CEO of Becker & Associate Architects, is a busy architect. As he expands his business, he is looking for ecologically conscious designers who can develop sustainable architecture that minimizes the negative environmental impact of buildings. His company has an open position for an environmental architect/designer. Three candidates were scheduled to be interviewed on March 14. However, Mr. Becker now finds he must be in Dallas during that week to consult with the builders of a 112-unit planned golf course community. He asks you, his office manager, to call the candidates, reschedule for March 28 or March 29, and prepare a memo with the new times as well as a brief summary of the candidates’ backgrounds.

Fortunately, you were able to reschedule all three candidates. Scott Hogarth will come on March 29 at 11 a.m. Mr. Hogarth specializes in passive solar energy and has two years of experience with Solar Plus, Inc. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. Amanda Froescher has a master’s degree from

Boise State University and worked for five years as an architect planner for Boise Builders, with expertise in sustainable building materials. She will come on March 28 at 2 p.m. Without a degree but with ten years of building experience, Raul Ramirez is scheduled for March 28 at 10 a.m. He is the owner of Green Building Consulting and has experience with energy efficiency, sustainable materials, domes, and earth-friendly design. You are wondering whether Mr. Becker forgot to include Stanley Grafsky, his partner, who usually helps make personnel selections.

Your Task. Prepare a memo (or e-mail if your instructor directs) to Mr. Becker with all the information he needs in the most readable format. Consider using a three-column table format for the candidate information.



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