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At the site described in Problem 6.5, the hydraulic fill is underlain by a 15 m thick deposit of medium stiff, normally consolidated silty clay with the following properties: Water content = 40% Liquid limit = 46 Plastic limit = 23 Saturated unit weight = 15.9 kN/m3 Cone tip resistance = 8 to 14 kg/cm² Undrained shear strength = 27 to 61 kPa (a) Estimate the shear wave velocity of the silty clay at a depth of 20 m by as many procedures as the available data will support. (b) Shear wave velocity measurements at this site have indicated silty clay shear wave veloc- ities ranging from about 120 m/sec – 180 m/sec at 20 m depth with an average value of about 155 m/sec. Comment on the level of agreement between the estimated shear wave velocities from Part (a) and the measured shear wave velocities.


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