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Please answer 4 multiple questions.

1. Which of the following statements about the US Employment Report (sometimes called the US Jobs Report) are correct? Check all that apply

a. This report, which is produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is released weekly.

b. The report has three parts, which are, net new jobs created, the unemployment rate, and the average hourly earnings number.

c. The net jobs created is sometimes referred to as non-farm payrolls because it shows changes in US payrolls across all industries except for agriculture.

d. The unemployment rate tends to have a bigger impact on markets (e.g., sending the stock market higher or lower) than the net new jobs created.

2. A business leader is planning a short-term expansion project in the midst of falling unemployment. What should the leader expect about hiring ease and labor costs?

a. Labor costs will be falling, and hiring will become easier.

b. Labor costs will be falling, and hiring will become more difficult.

c. Labor costs will likely be rising, and hiring will become more difficult.

d. Labor costs will be rising, and hiring will become easier.

3. Which of the following statements about inflation are correct? Choose all that apply.

a. Inflation makes the prices rise for essentially all goods and services you buy.

b. The target inflation rate for the U.S. Central Bank is around 10% a year.

c. CPI (consumer price index) is the most widely cited measure of inflation.

d. If your annual wage increase rate is lower than the annual inflation rate, it means you are getting paid less to do the same work.

4. Why are trends in confidence indexes more important than actual values?

a. Trends are more resistant to daily fluctuations.

b. Trends depend on absolute confidence.

c. The actual values can depend on political environment.

d. The values represent sentiment, rather than concrete measurements.


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