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1. Highlights:

•             Named Line Manger of the Month at Target, 08/2008 and


•             Obtained a Certificate in Entry Level Accounting, June 2012

•             Chair of Accounting Society, Spring and fall 2012

•             Dean’s Honor List, Fall 2013

•             Financial advisor training completed through Primerica

(May 2013)

•             Webmaster for M.E.Ch.A, Spring 2014

2. Part-Time Employment

Financial Consultant, 2013 to present

I worked only part-time (January 2013-present) for Primerica Financial Services, Pueblo, CO to assist clients in refinancing a mortgage or consolidating a current mortgage loan and also to advice clients in assessing their need for life insurance.

Target, Littleton, CO. As line manager, from September 2007- March 2011, I supervised 22 cashiers and front-end associates. I helped to write schedules, disciplinary action notices, and performance appraisals. I also kept track of change drawer and money exchanges; occasionally was manager on duty for entire store.

Mr. K’s Floral Design of Denver. I taught flower design from August, 2007 to September, 2008. I supervised 5 florists, made floral arrangements for big events like weddings, send them to customers, and restocked flowers.



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